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New Zealand
Red Deer

Unlike most New Zealand outfitters, we don’t just hunt a small part of the one ranch. Instead, through our relationships developed from a long time in the industry, we are able to hunt throughout more than 6 expansive ranches, including some of the most exclusive and iconic private land hunting in New Zealand.

We offer both estate and free range red stag hunting for both bow and rifle hunters, and pride ourselves on our very high success rate. The stags we hunt are a part of the iconic Otago herd, brought here from Scotland in the 1870’s

Our estates range from 5000-10,000 acres, and together with our free range properties we have access to over 400,000 acres. With our estate stags typically scoring 320 to 550 SCI and beyond, our free range stags are scored on the Douglas system with an exceptional stag scoring 300, the equivalent to 280 SCI.

We utilize 4WD’s and ATV’s to gain altitude on the numerous tracks, then spot and stalk on foot. We can cater to any level of fitness, but a little bit of fitness will see you reach those less frequented “hidden gems”.

New Zealand
Himalayan Tahr

The pinnacle of alpine hunting in New Zealand is the Himalayan tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus). Sent as a gift from the Duke of Bedford and released in 1904 tahr have flourished and currently occupy the middle of the South Island both on the East and West coasts, which is almost entirely covered by our hunting concession we hold directly with the New Zealand government

We offer helicopter accessed wilderness hunts on our public land concession, which are adventurous enough to rivel any North American sheep or Mountain goat hunt, taking you into some of the most dramatic scenery New Zealand has to offer. We also offer private land hunts on two of the premier tahr hunting ranches in New Zealand, accessed by 4WD vehicle and staying in authentic but comfortable ranch accommodation, both of these hunting options are truly a hunt to remember and always a clients trip highlight.

We are well regarded as New Zealand’s tahr hunting specialists by consistently harvesting only truly mature bulls with trophy class horns, with the capes being at there best from late May through August.

New Zealand

Chamois (Rupicapra rupicarpra) arrived here in 1907 as a gift to New Zealand from then emperor of Austria Franz Joseph, and are now widespread through alpine regions of the South Island. With the greatest concentrations being around our homebase in Wanaka and around our Westland glaciers.

They are curious, super intelligent and have the best eyesight of any game animal we know and are generally found in steeper broken terrain. Chamois can be hunted year-round and undergo a compete colour phase change between summer and winter, with both the golden summer cape and dark heavy winter cape making striking mounts.

Our private land chamois area is vast and mountainous at 20,000 acres and comes complete with a comfortable back country cabin to hunt from daily. Our public land concession covers two of the best chamois hunting areas in the South Island, giving us incredible scope for a real wilderness adventure.

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We work with the most experienced industry leading helicopter pilots to deliver you safely and in style to our desired hunting grounds, or for a scenic flight and mountain top lunch of fresh lobster you’ve just watched the helicopter catch in one of our national parks.

“Good honest people, and true professionals.”
red stag hunting new zealand with southern lakes safaris
new zealand red stag southern lakes safaris

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The allure of mountain hunting was one of those far off dreams that had always ended in ‘maybe one day’. That all changed after getting to know Cam through an addiction to First Lite clothing. What an adventure unfolded with Cam and Ewan chasing the ‘Gorillas in the mist’ – Himalayan Tahr and Alpine Chamois which we were successful on both! Despite the inherent dangers of true wilderness mountain hunting, Cam and Ewan always ensured safety was the priority but they knew how to push my limits when we were on the hill along with a laugh or two on the climb. The areas we hunted were first class set in stunning landscapes. With healthy wild populations of both Tahr and Chamois, we were privileged to see the animals feed out on the hill while able to select the old mature animals. The hunting is hard, the scenery is breathtaking, the food and accommodation is great and Cam and Ewan will go above and beyond to make this a memorable hunt for you! I can’t wait to get back.”— VINCE LOMBARDI, AUSTRALIA

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