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The fallow deer or fallow buck (Dama dama) is one of the most attractive of the deer family and was successfully introduced to New Zealand in 1864.

Known for their secretive and cunning behaviour fallow buck represent an exciting challenge to hunt. With the rut starting in the first couple of weeks of April, it is a sight and sound to behold with antlers clashing and a chorus of croaking from these aggressive deer.

Three free range

We have access to 3 free range fallow hunting properties, ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 acres is size, offering us huge scope to find our clients the best in free range fallow buck.

We also have estate fallow buck options for the discerning hunter seeking that true giant of the species.

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Fallow have a large variation in color phases, with ginger to tan, black and melanistic (black/chocolate) being the most common in our hunting areas.

A fallow buck makes a truly eye catching addition to any trophy room, and to top it off they offer what is arguable some of the finest eating venison.

Real life
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The Backcountry

A Southern Lakes Safaris specialty, these are the hunts we live for. Flying into our public land concession, situated in New Zealand’s most remote and scenic public land hunting grounds, we’ve spent our whole lives gaining the knowledge to be able to make our clients successful in harvesting a truly mature tahr or chamois on public land.

We can adapt these trips to virtually any level of fitness and sense of adventure, but a good base level of fitness will see you enjoy this hunt soo much more. We are proud to say we are the only New Zealand outfitter serious enough about mountain hunting, that we have our concession directly with the New Zealand Government, and that our guides have high level avalanche qualifications and experience.

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Taking in the fine dining and creature comforts before and after the hunt.

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“I have hunted with Ewan of Southern Lakes Safaris multiple times solo and with a friend and have always came away with unparalleled hunting experiences. Ewan has tailored the hunts perfectly to our requests from fly in helicopter hunts for Chamois and Tahr to hike in backpack camping hunts for free range Stag. Southern Lakes Safaris has provided us the completely catered style hunt while also guiding on us on hunts where we have wanted more of a “do it yourself” experience. With Southern Lakes you will get the type of hunt and experience YOU want whereas with so many other outfitters I have experienced in the past the hunt is dictated on their terms.
I love having an owner/operator/guide who truly is a hunter’s hunter who is just as passionate about the hunt as I am and not just someone doing a job to make money. If you want to experience the “Real and Wild New Zealand” I would highly recommend Southern Lakes Safaris.”

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