New Zealand Red Deer

Cervus elaphus

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new zealand
Red stag

Unlike most New Zealand outfitters, we don’t just hunt a small part of the one ranch. Instead, through our relationships developed from a long time in the industry, we are able to hunt throughout more than 6 expansive ranches, including some of the most exclusive and iconic private land hunting in New Zealand.

New Zealand produces the biggest estate red stag trophies in the world, and our free range stags now dwarf their original Scottish ancestors.

new zealand
red stag

We offer both estate and free range red stag hunting for both bow and rifle hunters, and pride ourselves on our very high success rate. The stags we hunt are a part of the iconic Otago herd, brought here from Scotland in the 1870’s

Our estates range from 5000-10,000 acres, and together with our free range properties we have access to over 400,000 acres. With our estate stags typically scoring 320 to 550 SCI and beyond, our free range stags are scored on the Douglas system with an exceptional stag scoring 300, the equivalent to 280 SCI. For the hunter wanting to take a stag in excess of 300 SCI, our estate hunting is the only way to achieve this.

new zealand
red stag

We utilize 4WD’s and ATV’s to gain altitude on the numerous tracks, then spot and stalk on foot. We can cater to any level of fitness, but a little bit of fitness will see you reach those less frequented “hidden gems”.

Red Stag rut from mid-March through to mid-April. This “roar” period enables hunters to pinpoint a now very vocal quarry. Pre and post rut hunting is available from mid February when stags strip their velvet until the antlers are cast in late August.

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The Backcountry

A Southern Lakes Safaris specialty, these are the hunts we live for. Flying into our public land concession, situated in New Zealand’s most remote and scenic public land hunting grounds, we’ve spent our whole lives gaining the knowledge to be able to make our clients successful in harvesting a truly mature tahr or chamois on public land.

We can adapt these trips to virtually any level of fitness and sense of adventure, but a good base level of fitness will see you enjoy this hunt soo much more. We are proud to say we are the only New Zealand outfitter serious enough about mountain hunting, that we have our concession directly with the New Zealand Government, and that our guides have high level avalanche qualifications and experience.

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Taking in the fine dining and creature comforts before and after the hunt.

Our Guests
Love Us

“2 years ago I bid on a New Zealand red stag hunt, which was donated by Southern Lake Safari’s. I was lucky enough to win the auction, at a very reasonable price. I went back and forth with Cam McKay about gear, flights, hotels, etc. I was able to take Christy along, which made it all that more special. Let me just tell you, these guys worked their tails off, not only for the hunt, but the meals, accommodations, and idea’s on sightseeing. This was a tough hunt, very steep and a lot of scrub brush with thistles, but worth it all. I knew we would be walking a bunch, when Ewie said too Cam, This was going to be a leg stretcher. I finally found someone more sarcastic than myself, Ewie. If you want an affordable hunt and tons of fun, you need to call these guys. They went the extra mile for us every part of the trip. I was lucky enough to harvest both of these animals, but the best part was gaining 2 friends. Thank you again Ewie & Cam for over exceeding any expectation so had. Steva the Diva”

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